Briarwolf is a species of Hobgoblin that inhabits the Hedge. Half wolf, half human creatures that hunt in packs.




Briarwolves have razor-sharp claws and gaping muzzles full of jagged teeth. The smell of old blood surrounds them as a product of their preferred pack hunting style and their eerie howls echo to one another through the Thorns. Although they run just as easily on four legs as two, they are completely capable of standing bipedal, especially if it aids with their hunting. And while they may possess almost any combination of human and animal predator physical characteristics, their eyes always retain a human aspect.

These characteristics created the terrifying hypothesis about briarwolves being human — or at least they were at one point. Many believe that briarwolves were mortals who drifted for too much time in the Hedge. However, others claims that the briarwolves are merely manifestations of the fear and danger of the Hedge itself come to life in a physical form. Since these creatures are sometimes used as hounds by the True Fae, there are even those who believe that briarwolves are magically created by the Fair Folk. None know for sure.


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