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Name: Boston
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States of America

Boston is a little-visited but rich location in the Classic World of Darkness. Below is a summary of the ways Boston was involved in each of the game lines.

Vampire: the MasqueradeEdit

The first Kindred in Boston was Madeline Coventry, a Tremere elder from the Winchester Chantry, in 1635. Soon after the Ventrue established themselves in the city and came to dominate all of the Massachusetts colony after forcing the Tremere out. They also forced Brujah vampires from the city as well and set up a feeling of unrest which culminated in their losing control of the city to Brujah, Gangrel, and Malkavian factions during the American Revolution in 1783. In the ensuing power vacuum, the Tremere reestablished themselves in the city and founded the Boston Chantry. This was also a period when the Sabbat, operating from Maine, began to attack Camarilla colonies throughout the Boston area. The Tremere Chantries in Boston and Salem quarreled for almost half a century before the Salem colony was overrun by the Sabbat in 1831. With the Tremere gone, the city became a stronghold of Malkavian power in New England until the modern nights.

Boston in modern nights has been home to several Kindred of note. The Prince of the city is Quentin King III, a Malkavian who keeps the Sabbat hordes at bay, though he owes much of his current power to the British elder William Biltmore. Many American vampires resent the British presence, however, and one of them, Battista Decamerone, formed the Kindred of Liberty to oppose their Triad.

The Quabbin Reservoir along the Connecticut River is a meeting place for Gangrel traveling through New England.

Velya the Vivisectionist met his "bride" to be, Elaine Cassidy, and Embraced her here.

Werewolf: The ApocalypseEdit

Some Garou live west of Boston in the more sparsely populated Berkshire Hills and Hoosac Mountain foo

Garou glyph for "building".

thills. The Quabbin Reservoir is also home to Lupines as well as the Gangrel.

The werewolves of Massachusetts maintain a caern at Lake Chaubunagungamaug on the Connecticut border, which is fiercely guarded from vampires from Boston.

Mage: The AscensionEdit

There is a chapter of the Arcanum which operates in Boston, studying the occult history of New England, particularly the history of witchcraft in eastern Massachusetts and pre-colonial Native American shamanism.

Wraith: The OblivionEdit

This is the city where the ubiquitous character Erik evidently lived before dying, and where he returned as a ghost afterwards.

Changeling: The DreamingEdit

Hunter: The ReckoningEdit

Mummy: The ResurrectionEdit

Demon: The FallenEdit

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