Final Death:










Borges was a Lasombra Archbishop of Miami. He was a blind vampire - his head and part of his upper body were enveloped in shadow at all times.


He held attention, not with his gaze, but with his immaculate and predatory smile. His was the face of an ancient and well-loved mastiff. The upper part of that face was hidden in perpetual shadow. Light could not prevail across the barrier in either direction. Below, however, the lines of cheek and jowl were yet visible, and these clearly showed the wear of passing years.

It is not clear whether Borges is who his namesake would imply or if he simply has chosen to take the name for appearance sake. His cunning and motives are often times difficult to fully grasp. Borges is not stupid, but is far from being the most competent senior member of the Sabbat. His brutality, however, makes him a very effective leader. He has managed to turn Miami into one of the strongest Sabbat cities on the East Coast and constantly struggles against the Camarilla, Followers of Set, and his fellow Sabbat in the region to gain more power.

Borges met Final Death at the hands of Lucita de Aragón while none other than Talley the Hound was acting as his bodyguard, by order of Cardinal Monçada.


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