Authors: Bill Bridges, Steve Brown, William Spencer-Hale, J. Morrison, Richard Strong
Additional Writing: Phil Brucato, Sam Chupp, Jim Comer, Sam Inabinet, Teeuwyn Woodruff
Development: Bill Bridges
Editing: Robert Hatch
Layout: Sam Chupp
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Art: Richard Thomas, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Lawrence Allen Williams, Sam Inabinet, Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr (SCAR Studios), John Cobb, Jeff Rebner
Cover: Tony Harris
Cover Design: Chris McDonough
Special Thanks
Sam "Culliford" Chupp, for the dignified look, even after the tasty brains.

Travis "Stern" Williams, for the Thurgood Marshall imitation.

Bill "Rushing" Bridges, for being a jolly Santa.

Josh "Kromrich" Timbrook, for his wholesome good looks.

Andrew "Meiche" Greenberg, for puttin' on the pounds.

Mark "Yamazaki" Rein*Hagen, for turning Japanese.

Stewart "Zettler" Wieck for the grimace - or is that a smile?

Rob "Gauntley" Hatch for being the Wyrm within.

Richard "Kiker" Thomas for that Captain Picard look.

William "Allred" Spencer-Hale for being the wolf of a different stripe.

Chris "Newberry" McDonough for the happy look; business is good.

Benjamin "Wallflower" Monk Jr. for providing us with a new office toy to write on.

Wes "We Shall Always Have Paris" Harris, even if he doesn't.

Rene "Dougie" Lilly for her live-action spousal betrayal.

Ken "Nuts" Cliffe for the unwanted guest and the midnight run in his underwear to get rid of it. The squirrel won.

Lyndi "The Mirror Darkly" Hathaway for always hitting the four-square ball right back atcha.

Publisher White Wolf Publishing Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Year: 1993
Pages: 118
Product Code: WW3200
ISBN: 1-56504-041-4
PDF: Bullet-rpg

Book of the Wyrm is a storyteller's guide to all things concerning the Wyrm. In it includes Black Spiral Dancer gifts, sample characters, information on Banes, as well as Fomori and their gifts. There is also information on Bane Fetishes and Black Spiral Rites. The Book of the Wyrm greatly expands the mythos surrounding the wyrm and goes further into explaining the "Triat within the Triat" of the Wyrm.

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