Bonepickers are one of the Archetypes that manifest in a freshly formed Bound. Bonepickers focus on making their new existence as comfortable as possible, either by using ghosts to scry for hidden treasure or earning their part as professional exorcists.

Many Bonepickers take physical rewards, usually former anchors that their clients want to part with any way. A few Bonepickers don't see anything unethical in that, even if they're the ones who encouraged a ghost to hang around the Ferrari - and maybe even encouraged a specter to spend a day in a young girl's body. In the end, they just want what they always thought they deserved. They've been dead, and the fact that they are not any more means the universe must like them. Among Sin-Eaters, it's the Bonepickers who come prepared with whatever mundane items a krewe requires. While she might not be able to get a specific 16th Century Russian icon, she can provide tools, equipment, and a safe place to crash - as long as she gets paid in kind. Every Bonepicker has her limit, simply because if she gets into debt she's not comfortable, and if she does that on someone else's behalf she's can't see any real reward. Some selfless Bonepickers don't particularly mind, while a few keep an internal record of who owes them what.