Boggart Holes are Hobgoblin Architects specialized in building underground Hollows for the fae.


One will find the holes if one looks hard enough, all covered in branches and leaves and other Hedge detritus (and many find it odd that they try to hide). They live down there in their mudwalled homes, warming their hands by heated rocks or sharpening their tools. They live to work, these dirt-cheeked hobs. They’ll build anything, including helping a motley build its Hollow.

They’re efficient. They’re fast. They’re single-minded, never lazy, and always able to find the best materials, the proper amenities, the right doors. They say little, the industrious fiends. And when they’re done, they head back out, returning to their subterranean homes (their “hob-holes”) to once more wait for work. It should be noted, though: their work is never cheap. Worse, most changelings never realize that no matter the Hollow’s defenses, the boggarts responsible will always be able to enter.

Changelings will have to pay to procure the services of a holebound boggart. A potent token, a profound collection of trifles and oddments, maybe a pledge that serves the hob’s needs. If the changeling pays the cost, then buying Hollow dots is far cheaper, now, than it was before: new dots x 1 instead of new dots x 2. Finding a “hob-hole” necessitates a Wits + Composure roll, with a –3 penalty.


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