Boggans are born of the dreams of hearth and home. If roads go ever on, the goal is always the return. They derive their greatest pleasures from work and a job well done. Honest work, good company, and a regular routine are all they need. Of all the Kithain they are know for their honesty and integrity. It is said they are as honest as the dirt under their fingernails.

Name: Boggan
Plural: Boggans
Pronunciation: BOG-gun
Thallain: Boggart

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Boggans are short in stature with thick, downy hair and a tendency to be plump. They usually have small, bright eyes which makes their large noses seem larger yet. With fairly large, calloused hands and agile fingers with gnarly knuckles, they re adept and dexterous in their work. They tend to have thick eyebrows which grow wildly. Their skin is tan and darkens and wrinkles with age. They usually wear simple clothes, at least in comparison to most of the other kithain.

Lifestyle Edit

Seemings Edit

  • Childling -
  • Wilder -
  • Grump -

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