A Bloodworm is an especially unholy breed of Fomori: A Thirster Bane possessing a vampire.


It is incredibly difficult for a Bane to possess a vampire. One of the few opportunities are Frenzies. If a Thirster manages to slip into a vampires being during this period, he offers several benefits at first. The vampire can double his blood pool and become more resilient, but in time, the vampire automatically fails her Humanity rolls and becomes more and more prone to Frenzy, until she is lost in Wassail. The ensuring Wight is then a vehicle for the Thirster, who modifies it to suit its purposes. Her fangs disappear as the Bane repurposes her tongue into a far more effective blood-drinking tool in the form of a three-foot long, jointed siphon ending in a deadly sharp needle, which folds up in the throat when not in use. The vampire’s skin turns deep red, and glistens with a thin layer of bloody lubrication. Her limbs wither into corpselike sticks, after about six months they fall off entirely. The vampire’s torso elongates into a fleshy sack designed to store blood, while her pupils grow to take up almost the entirety of her eyes. Muscular, rasp-like bands line the underside of the torso, allowing the vampire to move with terrifying speed through muscular contraction, and even to ooze up walls and across ceilings.

Fortunatly for both Garou and Cainites, Bloodworms are incredibly rare and often live relatively short unlives.


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