Blood Shadowed Court is a preconstructed factory set of cards for the collectible card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. The set consists of a reprint of one copy of each of the 100 crypt cards from Camarilla Edition. Marcus Vitel has new art by E.M. Gist that is also used for the box's cover art, and all cards are updated to the circa-2008 V:TES design format.

Card listEdit

A: Adelaide DavisAlan SovereignAlejandro AguirreAlfred BenezriAllison MallerAlmiro SuarezAlonzo GuillenAmelia, The Blood Red Tears • Anastasz di ZagrebAnnabelle TriabellAntoinette, She Who Watches • Antonio VeradasArnold Simpson
B: Barth
C: Carna, The Princess Witch • Casino ReedsCatherine du BoisCock RobinCohn RoseCreamy Jade
D: Darva FelispaDavid Morgan, The ScourgeDiana Vick • Dr. Douglas Netchurch
E: EarlEdith BlountEdward NeallyEdward VignesEhrich WeissElena GutierrezEllison HumboldtEmerson Wilkershire IIIEnid BlountErichthoEsauEugenio EstevezEvan Klein
F: Fleurdumal
G: GeminiGengisGerard RafinGracis Nostinus
H: HelenaHoratio BallardHrothulf
I: Ilyana RavidovichIra Rivers
J: J. Oswald "Ozzy" Hyde-WhiteJara DroryJaroslav PascekJason, The World's Voice • Jeremy MacNeilJoaquin MuriettaJoshua TarnopolskiJulio Martinez
K: Katarina KornfeldKhalidKridKurt DenschKyoko Shinsegawa
L: Lana ButcherLille HaakeLucas HaltonLucinaLucinde, Alastor
M: Madame GuilMarcus VitelMaris StreckMarlenaMasika St. JohnMaxwellMazzMeneleMilo, The Invisible Horror • Mouse
N: N/A
O: Oliver Thrace
P: Persia, The Beautiful Statue • Pieter van DornPug Jackson
Q: Quentin King III
R: Rachel Brandywine • The RoseRuth McGinley
S: Sébastien Goulet • Sir Henry Johnson • Sir Ralph HamiltonSteve BoothSuzanne Kadim
T: Tammy WalenskiTayshawn KearnsTobias SmithTonyTyler
U: Uncle George
V: Valois Sang, The Watcher • Victorine LafourcadeVirstania, The Great Mother
W: William BiltmoreWolfgang
X: N/A
Y: Yvette, The Hopeless
Z: N/A

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