The Blood Laws were a variant of the Traditions that were enforced in the Baronies of Avalon.


The Blood Laws contained all six Traditions, but had several legal alterations that Mithras added because he believed that they fit the people under his domain more closely. The laws stipulated a series of fines and punishments to those who breach them, and draw on legal precedents as established by princes throughout the land. In most cases, violators would pay a certain amount of vitae to the Baron that ruled the fief. The Blood Laws held sway in all Baronies of Avalon, from Dublin to Norwich, and constitute one of the first written records of the six Traditions.

The Traditions enforced most severely were the Tradition of Destruction and of Silence, where violators were submitted to the Blood Hunt, and the Tradition of Progeny and Accounting. Minor violations of the Masquerade were tolerated. After the formation of the Camarilla, Mithras took some time before he accepted the new rulings that were the brainchild of Hardestadt and his peers, but eventually smoothed the Blood Laws to fit with Camarilla interpretations.


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