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Blood Bond
Written by: Ken Cliffe
Editing: Andrew Greenberg, Stewart Wieck
Development: Andrew Greenberg, Mark Rein•Hagen
Production: Sam Chupp
Art: Josh Timbrook, John Bridges,
Cover: Jeff Starling
Back Cover: Chris McDonough
Vampire: The Masquerade was created by Mark Rein•Hagen
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1991
Pages: 36
Year: 1991
Publication #: WW2103
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-020-1
Blood Bond is a story for Vampire: the Masquerade scenario, written by Ken Cliffe and published in 1991.


From the back cover:

The Tie that Binds Is the Tie that Kills

Some mortals say love is the most powerful emotion the Kindred know better. Far more powerful than love is the force of blood. When drunk from another Vampire three times it creates an obsession none can resist.

Now the characters learn just how strong the blood bond can be and at the same time deal with the Prince of Chicago, strange new Kindred and the dread Sabbat. But the question persists - who among them is blood bound?


Discusses the role of Blood Bond and the Theme of freedom as well as the Plot of a feud between two Elders.

Chapter One: The ReturnEdit


Chapter Two: Best Served ColdEdit


Chapter Three: Edit


Chapter Four: The InitiationEdit





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