The Blessed are ghosts that serve the Arisen. They are, however, not controlled servants, but semi-official members of their cult. As such, they prove the same difficulties in controlling and maintaining their loyalty as mortals.

Committed to both the path of the mummy and the will of her Judge, it is not uncommon for cults of the dead to gather around the mortal cult of a powerful Arisen, forming ranks of devotees within the Twilight realm that support both the living membership and simultaneously act as specialized agents for the mummy. These disembodied dead are few in number, as it is the rare soul who can handle the strains of being denied both afterlife and form, but when they are around, active, and sane, they can be a boon to the Arisen unlike any other. Many living cultists believe that, upon death, a mortal comes into contact with forces that trigger a Gnostic communion with necromantic energy that provides a greater understanding of the mummy’s reality. This is not the case. For spirits of the deceased, entering a cult of the dead is more like internment in a convalescent home than an initiation into greater understanding. The cult’s rings of initiation and rituals of devotion, in conjunction with cryptic and eccentric dogma, provide a net of attachment and familiarity for the ghost.

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