Name: Blaysiel
Species: Demon
House: Annunaki
Visage: Antu
Titles: Shaper of Endless Roads
Aliases: Roy Derry
Allegiance: Earthbound Master
Thralls: Lita
Lores: Lore of Paths

Blaysiel is the protagonist of A New Home, the prologue of Demon: Earthbound. In Heaven, he was known as the Shaper of Endless Roads and was the partner of Iturya.


Created into the Annunaki, Blaysiel was partnered with Iturya before the Fall. He created roads while she created destinations. When Adam and Eve went hunting, they made sure they had somewhere to go and a means to find their way home. When the war in Heaven began, Blaysiel and Iturya were separated. Despite this, they never forgot each other.

After the Sixth Great Maelstrom, Blaysiel escaped Hell and took possession of an alcoholic medic named Roy Derry. Soon after, he was unwillingly enthralled by an Earthbound who knew his True Name. Under the Earthbound's control, Blaysiel enthralled a woman named Lita. He used his powers to make her a successful craftswoman.

At some point, Lita was shot and Blaysiel was commanded by the Earthbound to kill Lita as punishment for Blaysiel having spoken to him in an angry tone. Blaysiel did as he was commanded and was consumed with guilt. The Earthbound then summoned Blaysiel to his lair and commanded him to move him to another location.

While in his master's lair, Blaysiel discovers clothing from Lita's shop but with the mystical imprint of Iturya. Realizing that his master had devoured Iturya, a despondent Blaysiel took his master's reliquary and made his way to the nearest subway station where he jumps onto the electric rails, killing himself and his master and sending them both back to Hell.


Blaysiel is an Antu. He was taught to use the Lore of Paths by Iturya.

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