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The Black Spiral Labyrinth, called the Ebon Maze in the Middle Kingdom, is a place within Malfeas, most accessible through the Temple Obscura. The act of walking through the Labyrinth is often called "dancing", hence the fallen Garou call themselves Black Spiral Dancers, for they once traveled deep into its lair and became tainted beyond recognition. Within the Labyrinth, the victim communicates with various Wyrm-spirits, commonly known as the Urge-Wyrms, emanations of the Wyrm himself, that can grant various blessings and understanding to the courageous (and usually mad) Dancer. Some Nephandi who call themselves Malfeans also walk the Black Spiral during their Caul.

Normally, dancing the Spiral usually breaks and twists your mind and grants you various derangements. Many Black Spiral Dancers see these as marks of the Urge-Wyrms and pursue them in order to further their service.


Theurges speak of nine thresholds of wisdom in the Spiral Labyrinth, nine concentric circles of unspeakable ordeals. Each circle offers a test that a dancer must overcome before she can advance in Rank. If she is particularly ingenious, she may even learn a deviant gift from the servitors of the labyrinth. The experience often resembles a little story; a surreal vignette set within endless corridors and presented by a host of treacherous Umbral spirits.


Some people believe that there is a connection between the Malfean labyrinth and the dark Labyrinth beneath the Tempest in the Underworld. These levels of reality would be the last step before reaching the eternal jail of the demons, the Abyss.

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