Betweener Trio Rokea

Illustration of the Betweener Trio from Breedbook: Rokea.

The Betweener Trio is a trio of Rokea consisting of Blood-Scent, Half-Tail, and Sees-Leagues.


During their early days, they hunted betweeners as most Rokea do. The three of them first ventured onto land to in 1981 to track down a rogue Rokea who decided to live exclusively on land. He gave himself up to them, knowing he couldn't fight them all, but suggested that they explore the land before coming back to the Sea.

By the time they were ready to leave, Blood-Scent was pregnant. She remained in human form to prevent herself from losing the child, and when it was born, she gave it up to the state. The trio has since divided their time between the land and the sea, with Blood-Scent having more children, and Half-Tail and Sees-Leagues siring many as well.

The trio are all of the Brightwater auspice, and Rokea who believe that being a Betweener is wrong still hunt them. Although the hunters have killed some of their children, they have yet to kill the trio.


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