Betweener is a term used by the Rokea shapeshifters to describe one of their kind who chooses to live on land, returning to Sea to regain Gnosis and to retain her shapeshifting powers.


Not all Rokea remain in the water. Although it is considered an abominable blasphemy by most Dimwaters, many Rokea, especially Brightwaters and Darkwaters, visit Unsea. Some are so fascinated with it that they decide to stay, and these weresharks become known as Betweeners. Some have other reasons - maybe they are being hunted by other weresharks, for instance - but most come out of curiosity and stay out of satisfaction. Any Homid breed Rokea who survive outside of the Beast Courts are Betweeners.

Betweeners earn their name because they cannot truly stay on land, but do not desire to live in the water. A wereshark who does not return to Sea regularly will lose his shapeshifting ability forever. To avoid such a fate, Betweeners travel along shorelines, spending some time as humans but always returning to the ocean for sustenance from Sea.

Dimwaters across the oceans often call for Betweener hunts, gathering slews to send to the surface to kill the blasphemers.

Betweeners were the first weresharks to discover the Glabrus shape, although few use it, given its hideous appearance. The Gladius shape of betweeners often lacks a tail, as it is useless on land (however, should they chose to, they can grow it back at will).

Betweener LawEdit

According to Bleeds-Night, a Darkwater who appears in the Rokea sourcebook, he and other Betweeners have made changes to Rokean Law, instead following what they call Betweener Law. Its tenets are as follows:

  • Survive - this tenet does not change. The Rokean purpose is to survive and endure, and doesn't change no matter where they live.
  • Humans Are Not Prey - the devouring of humans simply raises too many questions for the Betweeners to be acceptable behaviour among them.
  • Stay Near Sea - as the sea gives sustenance of the soul to the Rokea, and they lose their ability to shapeshift if they are away from it for too long, the purpose behind this law is fairly obvious.
  • F.E.A.R. - an acronym with the (rather crude) meaning "Fuck Everything And Run", which Betweeners often take literally. They mate with humans whenever they feel the urge to, but usually can't stay around to take care of their offspring, as the Betweener Hunts issued from the ocean-dwelling Rokea often force them to flee.


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