Birth Name: Benoit Goubeaux
Chosen Name: Zip
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1988
Date of Eruption: 2005
Place of Origin: Rural Southern France
Occupation: Elite
Default Association: DeVries Agency

Benoit "Zip" Goubeaux is a nova who has been captured by a cult and is being eaten alive bit by bit! The only thing keeping "Zip" alive is his ability to Regenerate.


The young ambitious Frenchman dreamed of always having powers. When he erupted at seventeen, he immediately signed up to become an elite. He was very popular in his home country. When he disappeared early in his career (March to September 2006 [1] ), many of the other elites said he was just too green. They did not realized that he had been captured on holiday.

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Storyteller InformationEdit

This character is intended to be placed in the Baraka cult in Marrakesh. However, Storytellers could create a cult around "Mite" creation if they wanted to.


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