Birth Name: Bene Manata
Chosen Name: Bounty
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: July 22, 1979
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Zaire, Africa
Occupation: Healer
Default Association: Teragen
Children: Yes (Four)


Bene Manata, better known as Bounty, is the woman most directly responsible for ensuring the future of novas as a species. One of many Africans who came to Ethiopia to witness the miracle of terraformation, she was caught up in the process and erupted with unparalleled fertility powers. She joined Project Utopia and even became a student of Antaeus.

Storyteller InformationEdit

Thanks to her powers, she discovered in 2005 that she and her fellow Novas were being fed sterility drugs. With the declarations of the Null Manifesto fresh in her ears, she fled Addis Ababa and sought out the Teragen. Since then, she has established the most secretive of Teragen enclaves. Known as the Nursery, this hidden encampment in the jungle of her native Zaire is home to over a dozen infants born of nova parents; four of the children are Bounty's own. Terats who wish to have children come to her to have their fertility restored, but their children must remain in the Nursery to grow up safe from baseline corruption and Utopian butchers.

Bounty supports making contact with the Aberrants. She and Antaeus had briefly been friends, and it was Bounty who first told him about possible sterilization programs.

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