Bel, the Visage of the Celestials is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Namaru.

The Bel are winged creatures of radiant beauty, with the commanding presence of a prince of creation. The Bel use their images as forms of inspiration and sometimes fear. If they become consumed with Torment, their splendor turns into a truly monstrous opposite, with red-scaled skin, horns and leathery wings. A High-Torment Bel tends to reflect the lack of civilized control they have over their form; natural weaponry is a common reflection of their dark side.

Those who wore the Visage of Bel served as the leaders of angels and director of Faith in heaven. The Bel served as managers of projects, generals of armies, and even as disciplinarians for God. Many of the Bel preferred to take the forms of immaterial concepts such as light and sound; these ideas carried through when the Bel were forced into more material Visages as the world fell down around them.

Background informationEdit

Bel is a title in ancient Sumerian mythology, that means Lord or Master and is used primarily to refer to gods.

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