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Beckett moonstone



circa 1704






Aristotle deLaurent (adoptive)



Wandering the globe for at least 300 years[1], exploring Kindred lore and mythology, Beckett may be the one of the greatest Noddist historians and archaeologists of the Classic World of Darkness.

Beckett is a rare Gangrel: well connected and educated, he has cultivated contacts and allies around the world from the ranks of mortal and supernatural alike, though few know him well. His closest allies are his erstwhile companions Lucita and the raving prophet Anatole. His long time adversary and competitor is the Tzimisce scholar Sascha Vykos.

Known over the world for coming and going as he pleases and always appearing when "interesting" items, books, scraps or stories appear, Beckett is also notorious among Kindred scholars for his theory that the story of Cain and Abel is actually a myth, representing human civilization's move from hunter-gatherer into agricultural society. How this is connected with vampirism he is not sure, but if anyone can find the evidence and discover the truth, Beckett can.

His knowledge of ancient lore, linguistics and fighting skills is perfectly complemented by mastery of a number of Disciplines outside the usual purview of the Gangrel, and a more than passing knowledge of Thaumaturgy. His skill with the Gangrel trademark disciplines is such that he often travels like a wolf, and he was known to run the length of a football field under the scorching sun. He has cat-like red eyes with crescent shaped pupils which glow faintly, his hands and forearms are covered in coarse hairs and his nails are claw-like even by Kindred standards, forcing him to keep them covered and wear shaded glasses among mortals.


References Edit

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