Bau was the name of a city in ancient Sumer that was ruled by the Uratha.


Bau was a city where the Uratha and humans lived together in awareness of each other. The population consisted of approximately 100 Forsaken and 100 human beings, with a spirit population that fluctuated wildly. Humans appropriated the spirits and worshipped the rulers of the city, the Ur-Sag, the Dog-headed heroes, as gods. The city itself was not large, but luxurious, centered around a vast ziggurat. Rulership over the city rested in the hands of the kelabim, the sacred dogs, high priests each representing one of the five Auspices: Ukkumu the Seizer (Rahu), Akkulu the Eater (Ithaeur), Ikssuda the Grasper (Irraka), Illtebu the Holder (Elodoth), and Hegir-Nuna the Singer (Cahalith).

During the time of Bau, the Shadows influence in the world was more pronounced: Loci had a doubled radius of effect, Uratha were able to maintain the Gauru form indefinitly and humans were more resistant to Lunacy. The Pure were fringe groups during these days and persecuted by the Tribes of the Moon.