Name: Bat
Totem type: Strength / Wisdom
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancers / Shadow Lords

Bat is a fallen totem of Strength and a former Totem of Wisdom. Currently, it resides in the Black Spiral Labyrinth and harasses passengers that try to complete the circles.


Originally, Bat was a servant of the Wyrm of Balance, but when his master fell to corruption, he chose to ally with Gaia instead. He was also the patron of the Camazotz Shifters and was greatly involved in the well-being of his children (only Coyote and Queen Ananasa have similar strong ties to their respective Fera children).

The massacres of the european Camazotz split Bat's psyche in two parts, one that was loyal to Gaia and one that served the interests of the Wyrm. The two sides of Bat battled each other for supremacy for centuries, leading the Camazotz to become withdrawn and secretive.

The death of his South American children heralded Bat's fall. The death scream of the last Camazotz drove him mad with grief and hatred into the Black Spiral Labyrinth, were he resides up to this day. In doing so, he doomed any remaining Camazotz populations, as the breed relied upon a ritual to propagate.

Recently, however, the last descendant of Dark Claw of Vengeance, the Garou who killed the last South American Camazotz, has made a pilgrimage into the Shattered Labyrinth to make amends for the death of the bat-shifters. Doing so has redeemed a small part of Bat, and the Totem currently struggles again with itself. Some Shadow Lords have come under the protection of the uncorrupted part of Bat, but are viewed with suspicion and distrust by other tribe members.

As a TotemEdit

For Black Spiral Dancers, the ones who most often have Bat as a pack Totem, Bat demands that they cultivate a small colony of bats and feed alongside them. In return, it awards them with additional points in Survival, Intimidation and Stealth. Gaian Werewolves are forbidden any kind of combat with other Fera (even ritualistic ones) and gain bonuses in enigma and perception.