The Basarab Revenants were originally one of the noble families of the Carpathians that swore the Blood Oath to the Tzimisce.


Enjoying a little bit more freedom than other revenant lines. They continued to breed with other Romanian noble families, as a means to strengthening their hold over the land. Thus, the line grew immensely strong and unusually resistant to some of the deformities and weaknesses that plague the other ghoul families.

Renowned for their prowess in battle and their leadership, they were valued assets to the Tzimisce. The family eventually split when a Basarab became the King of Wallachia, into the Danesti and Draculesti branches; the Draculesti branch being the one that birthed the infamous Vlad Dracul.

When Dracula ascended by diablerizing Tabak, the Tzimisce purged the family to avenge themselves. The surviving Basarabs were put under a close watch. Their numbers ravaged, they finally were forced to breed with other families to live on and their blood has since died out, being incorporated by others totally.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Family Disciplines: Dominate, Protean, Vicissitude.

Weakness: The Basarab suffer an severe allergy against garlic, that transfers even into the undead state.

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