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Baron Samedi


the Baron








possibly Lazarus

Baron Samedi seems to be the founder or at least the oldest extant member of the Samedi bloodline.


It is said he was taken by the Setites with his sister Brigette to Haiti - and speculated to be a progeny of Lazarus. Certain Samedi believe he is an Antediluvian himself who has taken the identity of a Haitian death spirit.

The Baron was described as five and a half feet tall black man, dressed in formal wear that looks all the more horrific because he's a decaying corpse. His eyes run down his face and he smells like an open mass grave, his exposed muscles are all gray and ratty and hanging off him in shreds.

Augustus Giovanni and the Baron hated each other ever since their meeting in Venice in the 19th century. The Baron was supposed to deliver the True Vessel to Augustus, but was raided by the Setites in his way to Venice.

Somehow the Baron managed to leave the Giovanni Mausoleum with his unlife intact a few minutes after telling it personally to Augustus himself. The Baron, still active in the bloodline’s affairs, refuses to discuss the “deal” that he had with Augustus Giovanni, but it must have been something of gravity for the mutual dislike to persist.

After the Gangrel left the Camarilla, the Princedoms all around the Caribbean regions have been receiving emissaries on "goodwill missions" from the Baron. The methuselah suggests that the Samedi have a greater role in vampiric history and future than most cainites suspect. What that may be, the Baron refuses to specify, dismissing further questions with a wave of his rotting hand.


  • Samedi is one of the Loa of Haitian Vodou, a Loa of the dead. You might also check:Baron Samedi.



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