Art by Rebecca Guay
  • Pancho Ruiz
  • Francisco Ruiz







Acting Seraph of the Black Hand

Banjoko also known as Francisco Ruiz, is an acting Seraph of the Black Hand. A Lasombra whose reputation among the traditional Noddists and even the Sabbat Inquisition is that of a conciliator and pragmatist.


Banjoko was born to the Yoruba people, but was captured in a raid in the early nineteenth century and shipped as a slave to Cuba. He proved to be a difficult slave, cleverly wreaking revenge against his master's family and catching the attention of a Lasombra who tested his ingenuity even further before granting him the Embrace. Banjoko's sire was of Montano's line, a fact he does not advertise when dealing with other Lasombra, though he has since turned his back on his sire's Path of Night and Abyss Mysticism to choose the Path of Honorable Accord.

Banjoko is a canny and resourceful agent whose Noddist orthodoxy is well established among the Black Hand, yet he is not well known by the Sabbat leadership, making him a long-odds candidate to retain his position as a full-fledged Seraph. His political agenda is to have everyone working together in the advent of Gehenna; as such, he is willing to even negotiate a truce of some kind with the Sabbat Inquisition. Being Lasombra, he has had more success in dealing with the (often Lasombra) Inquisitors than most of his Hand peers.

He also tends to use his Spanish name, Francisco Ruiz (a more dignified version of Pancho Ruiz, his old slave name), when dealing with others. Among the Hand, his primary duties have been those of an emissary, and as such, Banjoko has begun his own political networking strategy, making it as clear as he can that long-odds be damned, he plans to be in the race all the way to the finish.