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The Bane Mummies, also called Apepnu, are a Dynasty of unholy mockeries of the mummies raised with the original Spell of Life. They oppose Ma'at and maintain the twisted ethos that the world is already broken and the only way to mend it is to let Apophis devour the rest. Although there are only seven of them, they are able to create lesser Bane Mummies called Asekh-sen.

Through betrayal, Set gained the knowledge about the principles of the Spell of Life, but his understanding was incomplete and when he began to cast the spell, the bodies of the unfortunate subjects were fused with unholy spirits, called Banes. When they died, their spirits journeyed to the Underworld, where they suffered unspeakable torments until being reborn. This cycle of agony had caused them to become psychopathically insane and turning to Apophis. During the following centuries, the Bane Mummies served their two masters with varying degrees of loyalty, although when Set disappeared, they gained greater independence, as his get was not able to command them without bargaining with Apophis first.

Before the Sixth Maelstrom ravaged the Underworld, Apophis warned his children. Hungry for greater power, the seven Bane mummies of Apophis gathered in Saudi Arabia, at a dismal Iraqi prison camp. As the ghost storm tore across the Empty Quarter, the Bane mummies joined their ritual victims in death. They glutted themselves upon the unclean shards of djinn and souls that swept across the wasteland. Returning to a semblance of life filled with stolen powers, the evil coven parted ways, determined to stop the resurrection of Osiris.

Known Bane MummiesEdit

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