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Bane Lantern fetish

Illustration of a bane lantern from Book of the Wyrm, 2nd ed.

A Bane Lantern is a level 2, Gnosis 5 Wyrm Fetish used by Black Spiral Dancers. It is a steel lantern painted with obscene glyphs and eldrich runes. When ordered to ignite in either Pictish, the Garou language, or in the secret language of the Wyrm, it casts an unnatural purple light. It illuminates all spirits in the beam, even in the physical world. Possessed individuals such as Kami and Fomori appear much the same, although the shadows they cast reflect the nature of the spirit inside them. The lantern has a hypnotic affect on spirits, drawing them to it like moths to a flame.[1]


  1. Book of the Wyrm, 2nd edition, p.142-143

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