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Banes are additional weaknesses that a vampire amasses when his Humanity drops. Each Bane makes the regaining of Humanity more difficult and no vampire has been observed with more than three additional banes (except some Mekhet).

Banes are flexible, often covering the mythological weaknesses of vampires; like being hated by animals, becoming confused when faced with crossroads or the inability to enter a house without being invited first. The Clans have their own specific Banes that are produced more often and are tied to their blood:

  • Daeva - The Wanton Curse: Dependency on a chosen vessel of blood
  • Gangrel - The Feral Curse: Greater difficulty to resist Frenzy
  • Mekhet - The Tenebrous Curse: One additional Bane
  • Nosferatu - The Lonely Curse: Failure of any presence or manipulation attempts, as well as difficulties in social interactions
  • Ventrue - The Aloof Curse: Easier to lose their Touchstone


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