Balefire Shintai is one of the Bile Shintai Discipline exclusive of the Scorpion Eater Dharma of the Kuei-Jin. Its non-tainted form is called Ghost-Flame Shintai.

Among the shen, the Balefire Shintai is feared for the massive corruption it can unleash, warping local chi and even whole dragon nests. It is likely that the fires manipulated by the Scorpion Eaters are at least related to the Balefires known among the Western Werewolves.

Chi Attunement: Strength

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Heresies of the Way.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Burning Kiss: The Kuei-jin can taint the resident chi within a creature , allowing him to consume it. Victims of the Burning Kiss often feel dizzled and sick until the corruption wears off.
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    • Baleful Light: By shaping chi, the Kuei-jin can conjure a fireball that is not hot enough to actually deal damage, but can emits light that varies according to the used chi.
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    • Death Breath: The Kuei-jin may emit larger quantities of flame and may configure the flame into all manner of complex shapes.
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    • Invading the Dragon: The Kuei-jin can travel along a dragon line for a short period of time, leaving Tainted Chi in the stream even after he exists.
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    • Body of Burning Filth: The Kuei-jin can ignite his body into a fiery shape. If this is done at the center of a dragon nest and the Kuei-jin is able to meditate there without hindrance, he can taint the nest for at maximal two days.


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