Béatrice Marie Louise Tremblay, aka Oracle171, is one of the Imbued. An Innocent from Montreal, Canada, Béatrice thinks of the Messengers as angels; when she was Imbued, the Messenger that spoke to her did so in her father's voice, alerting her to a vampire. She registered what seemed to be the creature's emotional state - fear and guilt - and decided her mission was to help such creatures as well as their victims.

Béatrice found Hunter-net and began to post there, corresponding with Bookworm55 and joining Vitalis. Soon after, she heard another voice - a second angel which directed her to the town of New Dijon, heavily infested with the walking dead. There she joined a group of other hunters, including Traveler72, and did a lot of good, until the new voice compelled her to go to Greece, where she discovered a group who had strong ties to the world of the dead, and witnessed some horrific supernatural occurrences.

She returned to Montreal, where the large number of rots and shamblers were becoming too much for the hunter group she knew there. Her second angel told her she needed help, and she eventually explained her plight to a vampire named Valois, despite her angel's warning. Two days later the entire group of hunters was dead, in an incident the papers called the "Montreal "Body Snatcher" Tragedy", and she was on the run from the police. She quickly discovered she was also on the run from many of her fellow hunters, who blamed her for the Montreal group's death.

Béatrice laid low for a time, trying to avoid law enforcement agencies and the Imbued alike, but she managed to remain hopeful somehow and continued to post occasionally to Vitalis. She retained her faith in her angel, though she sometimes wondered what happened to the one that spoke to her in her father's voice all that time ago.

She eventually 'fell from Grace' and became an Infernalist. She had an encounter with Crusader17, and it is unknown if she survived.