Azhi Dahaka is a term used by the vampires of clan Tzimisce to describe an enlightened and ultimate state of being, possibly brought on by extensive use of the discipline Vicissitude. It is the Metamorphosist's Holy Grail.

What exactly Azhi Dahaka is, however, is uncertain, even among Metamorphosists. Most refer to it only in allegorical terms, a means to strive and realize their separation from kine. Some refer to Azhi Dahaka as a spiritual union with The Eldest,[1] others see it as an equivalent to the mythical state of Golconda.[2] The general consensus on the matter seems to be that it is a state of inverted nirvana, where the Tzimisce becomes a truly self-sufficient will within the universe, divorced from Creation and beholden to nothing.


  • The original term derives from a Persian word used to describe the three-headed dragon of the demon Ahriman.


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