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Name: Azaneali
Nicknames: Black Angels[1], Husks, Puppets
Founder: Azaneal


Faction: Infernalists

Obfuscate, Obtenebration, and one of Daimoinon or Presence;[2]

Daimoinon, Dominate, and one of Potence, Presence, or Obfuscate.[1]

you might also check the Angellis Ater

The Azaneali are a bloodline that has branched off from the Baali.


Supposedly, the Azaneali are the result of a pact made by the Baali Methuselah Azaneal and infernalist Black Angels. Only twelve such Baali were sired. It is uncertain if any survived into the modern era.

Azaneal sought to find the lost city of Mashkan-shapir said to be built over an ancient demonic entity named Namtaru. The Azaneali replace Presence with the Obtenebration discipline.


The Azaneali are dead-hearted, spiritually compromised diabolists even by the standards of the Baali. The Azaneali serve powers of shadow, and often work with the Angellis Ater in pursuit of their goals.

However, Azaneali have surrendered much of themselves to the shadows that they serve: many of them have effectively lost their free will to their masters' desires.

Version DifferencesEdit

The Azaneali bloodline of the Baali are extremely similar to the Angellis Ater bloodline of the Lasombra.  The "V20" sourcebook opted to merge the two into a single bloodline.

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