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Augusta Holford






Followers of Set


Followers of Set

Augusta Holford is a Setite agent with a remarkable talent for corruption.


Originally the daughter of an english nobleman, Holford supports the theory that the key of destroying a person lies in giving her exactly what she wants. Through a vast network of ghouls and contacts, she is able to procure rare goods for her clients. Among the Kindred, she is known as a philanthropist and is involved in projects, ranging from Toreador exhibitions to Brujah gang wars. The information provided by her has been the reason for Blood Hunts and she has gained the ear of several Princes through drug-infused blood dolls.

Holford spends most of her time around Seattle.


She may be the same figure as Clea Auguste d'Holford, the sire of Jean-Michel d'Ormonde.[1]This would make her a vampire of the 8th Generation.


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