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Real-life Events Edit

Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1965
    • After four nights of battle, the Cardinal calls of the crusade, knowing that even if the Sabbat would defeat the Anarchs, it could not hold the territory. More than a half of the defending Anarchs have met Final Death. Despite the victory, the Anarchs continue to bicker and fall into gang conflicts.[1]
  • 1987
    • Uriah Bishop brings a potluck dish laced with poison to a church picnic. The result kills 39 parishioners and the minister. Bishop is later arrested for his act and eventually sentenced to death row.[2]
  • 2001
    • Armature Harlan Gandt has been parsing the Balt decryption and has discovered the email exchanges between Balt and Xadreque Machado.[4] He immediately reports the exchange to Comptroller Lisa Chatham, who congratulates him on his loyalty and orders him to report to Personnel for psychological excision and intellectual reformation.[5] She orders Jason Wells to destroy Gandt's office and to have him tailed to Personnel just in case.[6]
  • 2003
    • The 15-foot golden statue of the angel Moroni disappears from the Los Angeles Mormon Temple. The statue apparently vanished at the height of a violent thunderstorm that swept the city this night.[7]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

References Edit

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