Pantheon Name: Atlantean
Origins: Greek/Egyptian writings
Leader/Ruler: Badarus
Overworld: Atlantis, Now Sealed Under Ice
Virtues: Duty, Intellect, Order, Piety
Purview: Scïre

The Atlantean is the pantheon of the spirits of the lost civilization of Atlantis; they play a limited role in Scion. The civilization who worshiped them was destroyed by the other pantheons when it was overrun with and controlled by Titans, and all evidence of both Atlantis and their pantheon were destroyed, save for one dedicated Pesedjet scribe.

The Atlanteans were besieged by Erebus, Titan of Darkness, who still rests in the volcano that bears its name.


  • Amnis: Goddess of rivers, wife of Badarus.
  • Badarus: Head of the pantheon, god of the seas, husband of Amnis.
  • Demosia: Goddess of the moon, wife of Kuros.
  • Heshon: Goddess of luck and plenty, wife of Skaft.
  • Kuros: God of winds and messenger of the gods, husband of Demosia.
  • Skaft: God of tools and technology, husband of Heshon.
  • Versak: God of truth and death.


Scion Pantheons

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