Atlanta is the capital of and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia.


For a long time, the city of Atlanta has been a main point of supernatural activity, particularly among vampires and wraiths. The territories were under Camarilla control until the dramatic events of of June 1999, when vampires of the Sabbat attacked the Camarilla Elysium (located at the High Museum of Art), and destroyed most of its elders, including the visiting Brujah archon Julius.

Atlanta was the first of many Camarilla cities that fell under the surprise coordinated attacks of the Black Hand in the late 90's. As it was previously stated, many luminaries of the sect were destroyed in the initial attacks, such as the Ventrue primogen Eleanor, while her husband, the Prince J. Benison Hodge, went missing after the struggle.

Curiously, the dreaded relic called the Eye of Hazimel appeared in Atlanta right before the attack - firstly it laid at the hands of the Setite Vegel until his inevitable Final Death, but later it came into the possession of a neonate called Leopold.


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