Birth Name: Athena Boyd
Chosen Name: The Hound
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Project Utopia Internal Affairs
Default Association: Project Utopia

Athena Boyd is a member of Project Utopia's Internal Affairs Inspection Teams. She enjoys her work and does not show off her nova powers.

Boyd is unique in that she is both idealistic and savvy. She knows the world is not perfect, but she enjoys making it more so.

Project Utopia Employees (Including members of Team Tomorrow) who misuse their authority have cause to fear her.


Athena Boyd's parents were highly proper and emotionally cold. The only way she received recognition was academic excellence. She achieved degrees in psychology and communications by age 19. She then went on to attend Harvard Business School where she got an MBA in management by 23. She believes she erupted in her final year of business school but she cannot pinpoint the exact date.

Storyteller InformationEdit

Boyd's investigations have turned up information about the existence of Project Proteus. She is leaving the organization alone for now. But it is only a matter of time...

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