Asmodai, also known as the Queen of Wrath and Makuh-Rihur, is one of the nine Maeljin.


She appears in the dreams of werewolves as an impossibly ancient crone in a desolate landscape. Her back is bent and her hands are stained with the blood of flayed spirits. Her favored servant is the Maeltinet called the Return, a powerful spirit that preys on the dreams of bereaved mortals to push them towards vengeance.

No simple spirit of rage, Asmodai's court of spirits and Bale Hounds spread among humans the desire for blackest revenge. Her favored servant, the Maeltinet known as the Returned does so by appearing in the dreams of a mortal and manipulates them into believing that they are that person's lost loved one, trapped in the torments of hell until their supposed murderer is punished for his crimes.


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