Writers: Bruce Baugh, John Snead, James Maliszewski
Developer: Bruce Baugh
Special Thanks: To Victor Brueggeman and Chris Nasipak, for particularly meticulous scrutiny and nitpicking help at a time when it was most welcome
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: October 2003
Year: 2122
Publication #: WW
Reference #: ISBN
Price: Free


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Ministry Sees All
The Ministry of Psionic Affairs put the human to its fullest use: in war and peace, for justice and science, for diplomacy and commerce. Wherever thought and emotion play a part, the Ministry assists China in its drive to remain the world's leader. Police, spies, judges, scholars, warriors... the Ministry's masters of Telepathy are all these and more.
The Center of the World
China set humanity free from Aberrant tyranny. Nippon takes hard technology to unimagined heights, and the alien Qin choose to come here to exchange insights. From Siberia to Malaysia, Asia is a continent of endless diversity. Why would you want to go anywhere else? Find out what the rest of the world is missing, or just envying from afar.
Asia Ascendant includes:
  • New techniques for Telepathy, including detailed rules for extended telepathic interaction and mental landscapes
  • The Ministry's organization and secrets, including the crisis around its proxy
  • War and peace in Asia, including the long-hidden secrets of Nihonjin success and fresh insights into the Exodus
  • The full story on the "Venezuelan Phenomenon" and noetic changes
  • New cyberware and other cutting-edge technology
  • Extensive, practical advice on putting this all to use for both players and Storytellers

Chapter OneEdit

Background InformationEdit

  • Asia Ascendant was written and developed, and was simply awaiting news from Arthaus that the product would be either published as an ebook or cancelled. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. So developer Bruce Baugh came to an agreement wherein he could publish the book online if he offered it for free. Therefore, we at the Wiki accept AsAs as canon, although Bruce himself calls it "unofficial." The entire manuscript can be found hosted here on the WW Wiki.

Memorable QuotesEdit



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