Ashukhi Corporation was a small and - for most investors- uninteresting company that would struggle for ts very existence. This, however, changed, when the owners were hit by a truck and were approached by a tem-akh to be reborn as Amenti. When their descendants sold the company, they bought it back and began a path of investments in a bizarre mix of innovative new technologies and archaeological study that would baffle most analysts' understanding. Next to it, Ashukhi invests into educational projects and other charitable causes a lot. Their new logo was an Egyptian rams head, one of the symbols used for the ba of Osiris. The company also aids mummies who have recently died by granting them access to financial resources and an option to bury their assets before it falls into the wrong hands.

Ashukhis main concern are people and in this, they differ greatly from the gargantuan corporation monstrosities like Pentex. They strive to combat Apophis hold on humanity by attacking his agents who have immersed themselves into human society and economy. Some Amenti, however, think that Ashukhis formation is already to late, as the corporation is nowhere able to compete against such corporations that profit from environmental disasters or corruption.

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