Written by: Stewart Wieck
Developed by: Mark Rein•Hagen
Editing: Lisa Stevens and John Brandt
Layout: Nicole Lindroos
Cover Art: Doug Anderson
Interior Art: John Cobb, Josh Timbrook
Cartography: Chris McDonough
Cover Design: Chris McDonough
Special, Special Thanks:

Stewart "Tell me if the Bulls win" Wieck, who we're sure thought lovingly about this project on his month-long European tour.
Mark "I'm the Boss." Rein-Hagen, for coming up with the company sponsored caffeine.
Lisa "It's been a year, two months, sixteen days and eight hours since I had a vacation! Stevens, for working quadruple duty and holding down the fort.
John "You should have seen it before I edited it" Brandt, for weeding through the sentence fragments, improper grammar, misspellings, obnoxious charts...
Nicole "When do we start the intravenous caffeine?" Lindroos, for not laughing hysterically when we showed her the summer production schedule.
Doug "Hey, leave me out of this!" Andersen, for making the Casablanca Fan Company really come to life.
John "Of course, they're Vampires!" Cobb, for his really neat representations of the story.
Josh "Well, why didn't you say he was a Nosferatu?" Timbrook, for putting up with all those little communication gaps.
Chris "I'll have it there, don't worry." McDonough, for squeezing us into his already hectic schedule.
Travis "Big Daddy Slang" Williams, for not leavin' us hangin'. Word.
This supplement is dedicated to Michael Jordan and the 1991 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls.
Rule System(s): Storyteller System
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1991
Pages: 83
Year: 1991
Publication #: WW ?????
Reference #: ISBN 0-9627-790-7-5
PDF: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: Print: $9.99
Digital: $5.99

Ashes to Ashes is a Vampire: The Masquerade story supplement continuing the Forged in Steel Chronicle.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
When the Fire Burns Low Only the Ashes Remain...
The Forged in Steel chronicle continues: ordered by Modius, the Prince of Gary, to present themselves to Lodin, the Prince of Chicago, a group of neonates find themselves shoved headlong into a maelstrom of Kindred intrigue. While the characters desperately search for Lodin, the Prince inexplicably disappears, and one of his lieutenants blames the visitors from Gary. The characters dilemma - find Lodin or face the termination of an immortal life-in-death.
Ashes to Ashes is a story supplement designed for use with Vampire, and it continues the story that began in Baptism by Fire. It includes all the characters and information you need to tell a complete four chapter story. The book also presents an Advanced Storytelling - the Villian's Flashback - to accentuate the theme and mood of the story.

Introduction Edit


Chapter One: Baptism by Fire Edit


Chapter Two: Such Tangled Webs Edit


Chapter Three: To the Breaking Point Edit


Chapter Four Edit


Chapter Five Edit


Advanced Storytelling Section Edit


Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit

To the mortals, we appear in all manner of guise. To most we do not seem monstrous, indeed we appear quite human, their own assumptions conceal us from them. However, some see us not as they see themselves, but have the depth of vision to tear away the dross from our faces. They see our ravaged souls born upon our monstrous visage, and know our true name. They see the Beast within and know that we are not mortal. Indeed, they see us as we do not see ourselves. It must be a horrifying would that they live in.

- Killian, Justicar Toreador, p. 3


References Edit

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