The Ascent of the Deceived is the counterpart to the Apotheosis of the Arisen.


Unlike Apotheosis, which has been documented by the Heretic, no known member of the Akhem-Urtu has reached the Ascent and left any guidelines for his brethren to follow. Also unlike Apotheosis, the Ascent is not freedom. Instead, it means exchanging one's master to the designs of Fate. There is nothing the Temakh fear more, since when the last of their servants would throw off their shackles to accept Fate as his master, they would be trapped in a state of non-existence and powerlessness.

To achieve the Ascent, the Deceived has to achieve a near perfect Memory score and raise his Pillars to its highest point. Then, he has to search for the convergence point of a 5-point Seba and bind it into his soul as a Keshina. When their next Descent begins, the Deceived dissolves into pure Sekhem, separating from the grasp of the Temakh and accepting Fate as his new master. This transformation cannot be reversed by any means.

A mummy who has completed the Ascent reclaims his True Name and surrenders it to Fate. The Temakh's marks on his sahu and sybaris are purged. Instead, the new form of his Sybaris is that of luminous galaxies and celestial bodies in constant motion as a halo around him. When the fact that he is a walking corpse is evident, the withering and wounds of her flesh glow with cosmic energy, filling all missing and damaged pieces. During a Descent, the mummy will manifest where Fate needs him, understanding immediatly the task set before him. His death-cycles are no longer rabid chases through Twilight, but instead, he is dissolved into the cosmic flow of Sekhem. In the wake of a Descent, the Deceived receives immediate Descent rolls should he try to act against his purpose. Should the Deceived hit Memory 0 during a Descent, he instead becomes a vessel to Fate itself, acting on its purpose without real recollection.

Unlike Apotheosis, which means surrendering the awesome power in service to the Judges for a simple life of freedom and self-determination, the Ascent means that the Deceived leaves his near-shattered, insane master behind to dedicate himself to the highest power and purpose beyond understanding. For the Deceived, completing the Ascent means accepting a hallowed duty and the dark power commensurate with that duty. It is a matter of perspective and opinion whether the Arisen or the Deceived have a better path.