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The process by which a Mage achieves ultimate power over reality, transcending the bounds of their earthly limits.

Much like the similar vampiric state of Golconda, few if any game rules are presented for the actual process of Ascension. It's generally left to the Storyteller to determine what Ascension means in their game and for their players; should player-characters ever manage to reach Ascension, it would undoubtedly be the result of much gaming and supernal roleplaying.

Within the gameworld of Mage: The Ascension, the majority of mages known to have Ascended are no longer quite human, having achieved a higher form of existence that's most often in sync with their chosen Spheres.

In addition to this, Ascension (book) is the title of the Time of Judgment book for Mage: The Ascension. It contains several plotlines that a Storyteller may pursue in the course of the End of the World, from Technocratic victory to total annihilation, from a future ruled by dark and terrible creatures to a planetary waltz and world-wide Ascension.

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