Aruru, the Visage of the Flesh is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Rabisu.

Fallen who have the Lore of the Flesh as their primary Lore become idealised versions of their mortal hosts who engender awe because of their stunning perfection. If Aruru become lost to their Torment, they become horrid masses of twitching flesh that constantly grows and regrows, and their jaws unhinge to swallow anything.

The Aruru were once considered the most powerful of the Rabisu. While the Zaltu shaped creatures and the Dagan gave it life itself, the Aruru were responsible for the subtleties; the interaction of life with the body, the interaction of the body with the environment, emotion, and countless other ways to ensure that the living creatures created by the Dagan and Zaltu could survive. After they fell, those who clawed their way out of the Abyss found themselves with a shadow of the power they once mastered. Some Aruru remain proud of their creations in humanity, while others are horrified by what humans have brought upon themselves through their carelessness.

Background InformationEdit

In ancient Sumerian mythology, Aruru is another name for Ninhursag, the earth-mother goddess and among the oldest gods in the pantheon. She was a consort of Enki, the highest and wisest of the gods, and created vegetation. Her sadness when Enki journeys to the underworld is said to have made the earth go barren and cause the seasons.

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