Birth Name: Arthur Larian
Chosen Name: Montressor
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: director Bahrain facility
Default Association: Project Proteus

Arthur "Montressor" Larian is the current director of the Bahrain facility and completely knows its in and outs as well as all of its... patients.


Once only a guard assigned to the Bahrain facility when Yaroslav Radocani was brought in by Team Tomorrow on April 19, 2005 [1], Larian had trouble fitting in. He made friends with the only person he could, an "inmate" who went by the name Niklos "The Smiling Killer". Larian's supervisor was aware that something was going on.

When Niklos made his play for freedom, Larian erupted in the ensuing chaos. Niklos was recaptured by Team Tomorrow-Asia/Pacific a short time later.

Montressor sends detailed reports on what goes on at the Bahrain facility assuring his superiors that he has everything under control.

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Storyteller InfoEdit

Montressor tries to seem humain to "his inmates". That being said, he does dictate which ones will be turned over to Doctor Toiho and who is ready for release. Although he deals infrequently with the Children, he does try to tend to their needs.

His working relationship with Doctor Toiho has been poor ever since the experiment that created the Children.


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