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Ars Nova (also known as technomancy or techgnosticism) is the magical way of utilizing modern ideas from various fields into their magic. Broadly speaking, techgnosticism can be broken down into two categories: using Awakened magic to influence modern technology or concepts (“updating” spells for the modern world) and the use of modern magical tools or the incorporation of modern sciences and philosophies into one’s occult praxis via the acceptance of new Supernal sympathies in new forms (like quantum physics or genetics) . If the techgnostics have their way, ancient symbology and outdated superstition will be excised from the Awakened world, and the Exarchs will be fought with all the knowledge humanity has amassed through its history.

The practitioners of the Ars Nova can be found in any of the atlantean Orders, the Seers of the Throne inclusive, but the Free Council has more adherents to the Ars Nova than most of the other orders.

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