Arnulf RoB


  • The Beast
  • The Hun
  • Bestial Force of Nature

446 CE

Final Death:

1512 CE









Arnulf, the Beast, was a legendary Gangrel from Eastern Europe who claimed much of the lands as his domain and sired numerous progeny. He eventually fell in battle against Dracula himself.


In his breathing days, Arnulf was a Gothic soldier. He still does not understand why his sire chose him instead of a warrior renowned in battle or a leader triumphant in conquest. Perhaps it was the kindness with which Arnulf treated the pack's hunting dogs, or the savagery with which he slew his rivals in battle.

His sire did not revealed himself to him, yet Arnulf knew of his debt to him. Answerable to no authority but his own, Arnulf roamed through Eastern Europe, watching how the world he knew disappeared. Sinking deeper and deeper under the fangs of his Beast, the communion with the nocturnal world became a religious experience. His unlife was reduced to its component elements: By night, he needed only to overcome a few straggling warriors to sustain himself, and by day, he slept within the soil of the forest.

Arnulf had since Embraced childer throughout the Balkan kingdoms. Freedom had been very important to Arnulf, so he let his childer roam the world as they saw it fit. During his long unlife he earned the ire of the local Shadow Lords. When the feudal system came into his wild and primitive lands, Arnulf was shocked and enraged, calling his childer together to attack the cities and return to the old tribal societies.

Arnulf and his most trusted childer eventually allied with the Mongols in attacking the eastern territories. Several Gangrel opposed him and he slew them without mercy. Arnulf became a shadowy ally to Turks assaulting the fiefdoms of Wallachia. His legend began to grow and eventually he met Vlad Tepes in battle. And although Arnulf did not survive the ensuing duel, his legend is told among the Gangrel even in the Final Nights.

Character SheetEdit

Arnulf, Bestial Force of Nature
Clan: Gangrel
Sire: Pard
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Barbarian
Generation: 6th
Embrace: 446 CE
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 4, Stamina 6
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 5, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 6
Talents: Alertness 4, Athletics 5, Brawl 6, Dodge 6, Leadership 4, Subterfuge 3
Skills: Melee 6, Ride 3, Stealth 4, Survival 6
Knowledges: Linguistics 5, Medicine 3
Disciplines: Animalism 5, Celerity 4, Fortitude 5, Potence 3, Protean 7
Backgrounds: Status (Gangrel) 5
Virtues: Conviction 4, Instinct 4, Courage 5
Morality: Road of the Beast 7
Willpower: 7
Source: VTDA: Transylvania by Night, p. 68-70