In Mummy: The Curse, a mummy or mummies created by the Shan'iatu of Irem through the Rite of Return. They possess a complete soul in their Unlife and are able to use Affinities and Utterances. While they all serve the Judges of Duat, the Arisen tend to operate independently and only sometimes join together in a group of two to seven called a meret.

An Arisen has a Decree made in front of one of the Judges, which determines their strongest Pillar, and a Guild, which determines their favored Vessel type and purpose. Instead of normal Morality, Arisen use the alternate trait of Memory which tracks their self-rediscovery during a Descent.

The Inhuman ConditionEdit

Though they are undead by some definitions, the Arisen prefer the term "Deathless" as they are different from creatures like vampires, Prometheans, or zombies. Instead of being reanimated by magic or cursed blood, the Arisen are empowered by the life energy of the cosmos through the Rite of Return. When resurrected or sleeping, they resemble the desiccated, preserved remains that form their Khat, the original body that was mummified back in the Nameless Empire. After a period of waking, Arisen become animated by Sekhem which then fills out their features so that they look as they did in life, forming a simulacrum called the Sahu. Over the course of a Descent (a period of wakefulness) this energy source ebbs until it fades completely and the mummy falls back into the sleep of death. This ebbing is fast at first but trickles out slowly as the Arisen because lesser and lesser. Both the completion of duties and blasphemies against the Judges of Duat can speed up the process, but only selfish mummies who stray from their paths try to fight this return to Duat.

When a mummy arises, his body and soul are reconstructed by the Rite of Return, bound together by the power of Sekhem. The Arisen can use the spiritual energy bound into their fivefold souls to fuel powers, gain superhuman physical prowess, and activate relics. This power, however, radiates outward and fills mortals with feelings of unease called Sybaris. As they are specially attuned to the natural flow of life force, each Arisen can locate objects imbued by it, in a special sixth sense referred to as Kepher.

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