This potent weapon appears to be a rod about two feet long, plated with silver. In truth, the entire baton is made from silver and inscribed with mystic runes.The device only works at night (no real restriction for most Kindred) and there must be at least a sliver of a moon in the sky; under these conditions, by spending a point of Willpower, the baton becomes imbued with a silvery gleam up and down its length.

The baton may then be used as a melee weapon against Lupines, inflicting a number of aggravated damage dice equivalent to the Strength of the wielder +3.By spending two points of Willpower, the wielder may actually fire a beam of the silvery light at a Lupine,inflicting three dice of aggravated damage at a range of up to 100 yards on a successful roll of Dexterity + Occult with a difficulty of 7. This weapon is essentially useless (exceptas a club) against any creature but Lupines.

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