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Serving each Cardinal of the Sabbat are Archbishops. Archbishops serve their territory's Cardinal, holding sway over a smaller region, similar to a Camarilla Prince ruling a city. These vampires usually rise through the ranks, serving lengthy tenures as priests or bishops of the sect. Each Cardinal has the power to appoint whomever he wishes to the position of Archbishop. Some accept bribes, but vampires who gain their positions in this manner often mysteriously disappear. Multiple Archbishops preside over these smaller domains, all contained within a single Cardinal's region.


The Archbishop's responsibilities include:

  • Oversee all matters of within the Pack and lead that Clan
  • Assist and advise the Cardinals
  • May remove the Initiated status from a lower-ranked member of the Sabbat
  • May Appoint lower ranked Clergy

Known ArchbishopsEdit

Name Archdiocese Clan Generation Time Active Source(s)
Aeron  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Alfred Benezri Montreal, Canada Panders 8th since the late 1990s
Alicia Barrows Mexico City, Mexico Malkavian antitribu 7th circa 1993
Ambrosio Luis Monçada Madrid, Spain Lasombra 6th until 1999
Beatrice  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Borges Miami, Florida Lasombra  ? until 1999
Camille Brisbane, Australia Lasombra  ?  ?
Carolina Valez Montreal, Quebec, Canada Lasombra 8th during the 20th century
Don Ibrahim  ?  ?  ?  ?
Enrique Albertos Marquez  ?  ?  ? circa 1804
Fabrizia Conteraz Miami, Florida Malkavian antitribu 10th circa 1998-1999
Ferrari Morocco Lasombra  ?  ?
Francisco Domingo de Polonia New York City Lasombra 7th from 1761 until either 1998 or 1999
Giangaleazzo Milan, Italy Lasombra 7th from the sect's inception until 1997
Gratiano de Veronese Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Lasombra 4th since the Anarch Revolt
Julian  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Justine Bern New York City Lasombra 5th (formerly 7th) 1993-1994
Kyle Strathcona Montreal, Canada Ventrue antitribu 8th 18th century
Licero Blanco Miami, Florida Malkavian antitribu 9th until ~1998
Lin Baloh Nanking, China Lasombra  ?  ?
Lucita Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain;
(formerly Madrid, Spain)
Lasombra 7th Madrid, 2000-2001;
Aragon, 2001-present
Marsilio  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Menard Nicaragua Lasombra  ?  ?
Percival Guadalajara Lasombra 7th (formerly 10th) until the early 2000s
Rebecca  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Sascha Vykos Washington, D.C. Tzimisce 6th since 1999
Sallucio  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Tecumseh  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Toth  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Una  ?  ?  ? circa 1933
Violet Tremain New York City  ?  ? until 1993
Xipe Totec Guatemala Tzimisce  ?  ?

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